Elephants Helping Elephants

At Mae Tang Elephant Park in the north of Thailand, some of their most talented elephants are working to help the 300 other elephants of the Maetaman Valley. They are creating works of art which, when sold (as T-shirts, paintings or wine bags) are helping to fund the building, equipping and running of an Elephant Clinic. A small clinic is already operational treating minor injuries and ailments and nursing pregnant mothers and newborn calves, but the needs for a full clinic are apparent every day.

Once completed, and staffed with a full time Veterinary Surgeon, the clinic will be able to treat all but the most severe cases. Major health problems for elephants are Impaction (intestinal problems), bot fly infestation and poisonous snakebites, tusk canal and toenail infections, and birth complications.

Miguel La Salle is helping the elephants help themselves by selling silk wine bags through her client list and showroom, and in addition is designing a special line of handbags using silk painted by the elephants. These will be presented and on sale soon. You can help too by purchasing these products with 100% of profits from the wine bags and 50% of profits from the handbags being donated to the Elephant Clinic.

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